Touchscreen Tablets

TouchScreen Tablets

Touchscreen tablets are android based, interactive digital displays available in a range of sizing. The touchscreen tablet features a high quality touchscreen integrated within tempered glass to ensure durability and effectiveness. It is a robust, slimline digital display which uses an embedded Wi-Fi and 3G remote connection to your content management system (CMS).


  • Includes features such as content auto-play, auto-copy, auto-detect and password protection functionalities
  • Includes a VESA mounting system on the back enabling various mounting solutions
  • Setting buttons and sockets are placed at the back of the device to prevent users from modifying the preferred settings
  • Works in both landscape and portrait mode
  • Can connect to external hardware such as a coupon printer, barcode scanner and a multitude of android applications
  • Full HD touch interface
  • Instant internet connection through Wi-Fi and 3G
  • Instant remote updates
  • Turnkey plug and play

Benefits of touchscreen tablets

  • Facilitates interaction between the product/service and the user
  • Easy to use
  • Full HD touch interface
  • Clear sound quality
  • Cost effective

Ideal for

  • Displaying marketing messages and promotions including; branding, digital brochures, video playback, website, interactive flash presentation, product specifications and features
  • Database building and guest sign-in systems
  • Suitable for floor plan viewing and navigation screens
  • Digital point of sale display to grab customer’s attention
  • Suitable spaces include;

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