Restaurants, Bars & Venues

A key goal for any venue operator is to provide detailed information to guests and patrons. From the latest entertainment information, drink and menu specials to advertising and 3rd party offerings, etc. Display all this information easily for visitors and build informed relationships with your clientele.

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Educational facilities and campuses are becoming more digitally savvy, as many of their clients and students are from a generation that embraces interactive technology, through their use of smart devices, Social Media, and emerging digital technologies. Campuses are also increasingly aware of the importance of promoting themselves in the right way to any visitors and students via effective marketing strategies.

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Digital signage is a powerful visual medium and a great communication tool for engaging visitors while waiting in reception areas.
This is a valuable opportunity to reach them with important educational messages, informative programs and advertisements.
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Local Government

The ingenuity of smart digital signage is a major asset for local councils and government institutions. Diverse, large, multi-functional and varied audiences are all obstacles a government institution needs to tackle when considering its communication and information channels. Smart Digital Signage simplifies this to a single channel managed from a central administration location.

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With Smart Digital Signage from FM Digital you get a dynamic communication network that is easy and simple to work with. Our solutions improve the customer experience, drive sales, enhance store environment, strengthen the brand and improve the availability and service level.

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Touch-Screen Kiosks increase customer brand engagement while enhancing the sales and service process in the dealership while offering car dealerships a sales and communication tool for cross-promotion in all areas of the premises. Digital signage throughout the dealership also provides a valuable resource for customers and staff.

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Companies and brands across the globe are recognising that their facilities and workplaces are effectively a spokesperson for their brand, while also creating cohesive work environments for employees.

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Real Estate

Turn receptions and display windows to selling opportunities. Reduce agent waiting times and let a digital signage display system start selling your properties to potential customers even before the first handshake is made. Animated sight and sound creates a desired mood and captures your audience’s imagination.

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