Foldable LED P6mm

Foldable LED is a new product which is composed of many small LED modules which are connected together and can be folded 180 degrees

M1odel: F-P6 Pixel pitch:6 mm
Pixel density:27777 pixels /m•
Power consumption:average 120 W/m•
Module size192 x 192 mm (32 x 32 pixels)
Single panel Dimensions (WxH):W 0.768m x H 1.92m (recommended single panel, other sizes are available and panels can be connected vertically and horizontally to make a large LED wall
Pixel configuration:tri-color RGB LEDs, type SMD 3528
PowerPower input AC 100V to 240V, working power DC 5V
Transparent rate:5{da08074b65ab8bbc9b593a45f8acd61a5b72dcfc55a54ba45a39fe3c41a37afc}
Display port:DVI/HDMI,
Display mode:synchronous to video source
Drive mode:1/16
Screen resolution:rec. 1024 x 768, max. 1280 x 1024
Brightness:2600 cd/m• (nits)
Viewing angle:120°
Thickness:12 mm
Data refresh rate:2000 Hz
Colors:16.7 million (R 256, G 256, B 256)
Protection rating:IP 43 / IP54 (waterproof)
Operating temperature:-30 to 60 °C
Humidity:10 to 90 {da08074b65ab8bbc9b593a45f8acd61a5b72dcfc55a54ba45a39fe3c41a37afc}
Weight:10 kg/m•
Hanging method:hanging

Size Available:
0.192×1=0.192m (32pixels), 0.192×2=0.384m (64pixels), 0.192×3=0.576m (96pixels), 0.192×4=0.768m (128pixels), 0.192×5=0.96m (160pixels), 0.192×6=1.152m (192pixels), 0.192×7=1.334m (224pixels), 0.192×8=1.536m (256pixels), 0.192×9=1.728m (288pixels), 0.192×10=1.92m (320pixels), 0.192×11=2.112m (352pixels), 0.192×12=2.304m (384pixels), 0.192×13=2.496m (416pixels), 0.192×14=2.688m (448pixels), 0.192×15=2.88m (480pixels), 0.192×16=3.072m (512pixels

Recommended panel size: 1.92m (320pixels) height, 0.768m (128pixels) width.

Recommended Application: because of the high definition and sharpness, it is widely used for indoor and outdoor displaying clear images and video with very short viewing distance, for example, 3D cinema, product demonstration, exhibition, TV studio.

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